El Duque de Almodóvar y las libertades inglesas

Antonio Hermosa Andújar


This article focuses on the analysis developed by the Duke of Almodóvar on the English constitution, which due to the wise dosage of authority and freedom he considers first a valuable subject of study, and then a model to imitate due to the perfection degree it acquired. The Duque is interested above all on the “English freedoms” which development he follows through history, society and politics. Our analysis follows his intellectual journey showing the ideas he stresses and the institutional order in which they are based, and then he criticizes some of their shortcomings which in place were motivated by passion as their object, as well by their pro aristocratic parti pris, which in this case works as a bias.


Constitution of England; Power; Freedom; Political Model; Duke of Almodóvar

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2421-4124/5138


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