Portare Aldilà? Erik Peterson e la critica della teologia politica di C. Schmitt

Gianmaria Zamagni


In his essay, the author analyses Erik Peterson’s early work, more closely The Monotheism as Political Problem, to try to understand more accurately his critic to Carl Schmitt’s Political Theology. This entails also a reconsideration of Peterson’s Theological Tractates (recently published in english by Michael J. Hollerich): their solid and acknowledged philological and historical grounding did not impede a strong stance towards their times (i.e. the mid-30s in Germany), and shows the use of tools nonetheless – such as that of Übertragung (transfer) – which are relevant within the current debate on Political Theology


Erik Peterson; Carl Schmitt; Jan Assmann; Monotheism; Political Theology; Transfer; Totalitarianism; Trinity

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2421-4124/5170


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