Norberto Bobbio e il futuro della democrazia


  • Paolo Romeo University of Bologna



Bobbio, Democracy, Nihilism, Politics, Justice, Montesquieu, Human Right


This article deals with democracy. It is known that there are no perfect governments so the virtues and defects of governments will be highlighted. The main question is the one that Norberto Bobbio had reflected on more than a quarter of a century ago: does democracy have a future or is the recession so bad that there is not much hope for the future? We will be referring to the following works: N. Bobbio, Etica e politica. Scritti di impegno civile (Milano, Mondadori, 2009); and V. Possenti (a cura di), Annuario di Filosofia 2011 (Milano-Udine, Mimesis, 2011). There are different views as to the future of our democracy so expert opinions nowadays tend to be different from Bobbio’s



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