THE OBSERVER OF HUMAN MATTERS. About Montesquieu, Scritti postumi (1757-2006). I miei pensieri. I miei viaggi. Saggi. Romanzi filosofici. Memorie e discorsi accademici. Poesie, Italian translation with French parallel text, edited by Domenico Felice, Milano, Giunti-Bompiani, 2017, pp. LXXXI-2668

Gaetano Antonio Gualtieri


This review emphasizes the complexity of the operation made by Domenico Felice and his collaborators in preparing the volume dedicated to Scritti postumi by Montesquieu. The writings collected in this book are different both as regards their value and their length; besides, they deal with various themes which range from short poetical compositions to scientific and philosophical ones, without excluding real incomplete or not completely developed monographical essays and philosophical novels. In this context, the book highlights not only the versatility of the French philosopher, but also his role of a methodical founder of Human Science, of the Law and modern Political Science. The technical and publishing details, together with the considerations included in the Nota al testo, which precede every work, offer a completeness of information that give a clear and entire picture of the philosopher from La Brède.


Montesquieu; My Thoughts; My Travels; Politics; Law

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