Questioni di lessico politico tra traduzioni di testi latini e trasmissione della Politica di Aristotele: libertas e liberté nelle traduzioni di Oresme, Foulechat e del Songe du Vergier

Claudio Fiocchi


In order to show the complexity of translating from Latin to French in Middle-Ages, this article focuses on the term libertas. The pivotal question for medieval translators is how to render the different meanings (theological, ethical, political) of libertas. Three medieval authors as Denis Foulechat, Evrart de Tremaugon and Nicole Oresme find personal solutions, handling the French of their own age. But are their personal choices consistent with the meaning of the word that they are translating? A creative translator can help his readers and enrich the language they speak, but he can also alter what he is translating


Middle-Ages; Political Thought; France; Freedom; Translation

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2421-4124/5145


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